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Labor Unions
Notes on Labor 1875-1925

Describes some of the main elements of industrial life in the late 19th Century. If you are part of the working masses, this is what you seek!!!

The Struggle of Labor

Explains the progression of industrial work in the United States. Both Business Owners and Workers can check this out!

Labor vs. Management

Explains the interactions between workers and management during this time period. A fun, helpful read for all!

The American Journey

This is the link to the online version of the textbook that we use in class. Access Code: A74D465327

Progressive Era
Reform Movements

Theodore Roosevelt
Library of Congress

Miller Center

National Park Service
National Park Service

Website for the National Park Service.

Election of 1824 and Corrupt Bargain

Gold Rush Game

Go to this link and click on the map in the corner to begin your gold rush experience!

World War One
Underlying Causes

Sheppard Software

Games and activities that help you learn your geography information!

13 Colonies
13 Colonies: New England Colonies

Video that goes along with the notes for the New England Colonies.

13 Colonies: Middle Colonies

This video goes with the notes for the Middle Colonies.

13 Colonies: Southern Colonies

This video goes along with the notes for the Southern Colonies.



Pottery at Jamestown

Historic Farming

Ducksters-Jobs and Occupations

Colonial Trades

Provides brief descriptions of colonial jobs.

Fur Traders

Colonial Williamsburg Trades and Occupations

Colonial Tanner

Pre-Civil War
Lincoln-Douglas Debates

An article that discusses the debates between Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln in 1858.

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Allows you to take a look at their actual speeches from each of the seven debates and also shows a map of where they occurred.

Lincoln-Douglas Overview

This provides an overview of the Lincoln-Douglas debates and explains both sides of the topics being covered.

Investigative Reporting Overview

Provides an overview of the Investigative Reporting Project that we will be doing to cover battles of the Civil War.

Civil War Newspaper example

An example of a student-made newspaper article that covers a topic associated with the Civil War.

Newspaper Article

Another example of a student-made newspaper article.

First Continental Congress

Explains what happened at the meeting of the First Continental Congress and the aftermath!

Revolutionary Battles

Social Studies for Kids

Kid Info-American Revolution


Game to play once you're done with your project.

For Crown or Colony?

Game to play once you're done with your project.

Patriot Spy

Game to try once you're done with your project.

Road to Revolution

Game to check out once your done with your project.

Battle Tactics

Game to play once you've finished your project.

Test Your Knowledge

Test your knowledge of the Revolution and the battles that you just learned about!

Hamilton Biography

A reading on the life of Alexander Hamilton.

11 Abandoned Boomtowns

The Mining Boom

Provides a little more background information about the mining boom following Reconstruction.

Deadwood Beginnings

Tells the story of how Deadwood, South Dakota came into existence.


Bannack, Montana


History of Old Tombstone

This Day in History-Helena is Founded!!

Early Denver History

Colorado Mines

Legends of America-Virginia City

Virginia City and Early Nevada Mining Towns

Top Ten Issues Facing National Parks

Ellis Island Webquest

Angel Island-Immigration Station

Cultural History

Pacific Immigration

Guidance Links
School Climate Survey

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Career Cruising

Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark Travel Log

Provides journal entries, maps, plants, animals, and Native American tribes. Basically, everything you need for your journal project journal entries!

Lewis and Clark Overview

Scientific Encounters

Highlights some of the plants and animals they found on their expedition.

Go West! with Lewis and Clark

Game that allows you to travel the journey with Lewis and Clark as a member of the Corps of Discovery.