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Lewis and Clark Expedition
Scholastic - Lewis and Clark Supplies Quiz

Use this quiz to discover the important supplies Lewis and Clark brought along with them on the expedition.

Smithsonian Website

Use this Smithsonian website to learn about specific animals and plants found. The excerpts are organized by location, year, month, and present day state. Great site for your field journals!

PBS - Lewis and Clark

Use this website to learn about Native American tribes that came into contact with the Corps of Discovery and Lewis and Clark!

Discovering Lewis and Clark

Use this website to find landforms discovered by Lewis & Clark!

Scientific Encounters

This website from the National Park Service details the expedition in paragraph form. Great information contained in this site!

Lewis and Clark Trail

Another website from the National Park Service, this site is dedicated to the trail Lewis and Clark followed. Go through the site and look at the different sections of the trail.

Lewis and Clark Travel Log

Go along with the Lewis and Clark expedition using this website which breaks down the discoveries made my state or month/year. Very helpful for identifying animal and plant species!

Guidance links
School Climate Survey

Student Password (Just copy and paste!) :  G0JIOP

Career Cruising

13 Colonies
Fantastic Voyage

Would you have survived the trip across the Atlantic to the New World?

Ben Franklin Interactive Timeline

Use this interactive timeline to explore the many sides of Mr. Benjamin Franklin.

Daily Life in the Colonies

use this interactive to learn about what life was like for settlers in the New England colonies

Treasure Trek

Go to the Colonial Williamsburg website and play Treasure Trek to familiarize yourself with the layout and features of a colonial town.


Use this Quizlet link to practice your vocabulary! When you get to the site, click on the appropriate study set. From there you can explore the matching, quiz, flashcard, or any other option!

50 States game

This game from Sheppard Software quizzes students on the 50 states. For beginners, select specific regions on the left hand side under "Game Controls". Go through each section until you are able to get at least a 90% on All States- National. You will take this same test in class for your states post-test.

State capital game

If you have reached mastery on identifying the states and abbreviations, you may move on to learning the capitals.

Sheppard Software Geography Games

This is the general Sheppard Software site where you will find more games than just those listed above. If you have reached mastery on identifying the states, listing the abbreviations, and learning the capitals, feel free to play any of the geography games listed here.

World Geography games

Have you taken on the United States and been victorious? Then go ahead and try the world! These games from Sheppard Software help students to learn the geography of various places throughout the world.


How well do you know the world and its major cities? Visit and try your luck. You can either play alone or test your knowledge against others throughout the world.

Quiz Your Noodle

This quiz from National Geographic Kids asks questions from the National Geography Bee. These are difficult questions about geographic areas around the globe.

Global Development Food Game

This game has three rounds. The first round asks gives you a type of food and asks you to choose that food's three biggest producers. The second round gives you six countries and asks you to order then from most undernourished (underfed) to least. The third, and final, round makes you choose a picture that correctly answer the question. These are difficult games that make students think globally.

50 states abbreviation quiz

50 states abbreviation flashcards

The Traveler IQ Challenge

How well can you identify famous cities and sites around the world? The closer you are, the more points you receive!


Explore the world with GeoGuessr! This website shows you a scene from around the world and asks you to identify it. To be successful, you must use your brain and think critically about certain parts of the picture -- the vegetation, street signs, automobiles, etc. This is a great game to play with family or friends!

Pre-Revolution period
Patriots vs. Loyalists Slide Show

Use this slide show to help you find the main differences between the Patriot and Loyalist cause. This will also show you what type of people typically joined each side. Fantastic resource for you 2nd Six Weeks Learning Target Project!

Who Wants to Marry a Founding Father?

This website takes you through a short series of questions to find out the Founding Father with which you are ideally matched. Gentlemen, this site did not forget about you. It also has a "Founding Mother" option!

Mr. Nussbaum American Revolution

American Revolution for kids

Patriot or Loyalist quiz

Take this quiz to see if you would have been a Patriot or Loyalist in the 1770s.

American Revolution coloring pages

MP 2 LT Project: Use this website if you need to print out pictures for your project

Boston Massacre comprehension passage

Read this passage and answer the following questions to get a general understanding of the events of March 5, 1770.

For Crown or Colony

From Mission US comes a "revolutionary" way to learn about the American Revolution and the period before. Pretend to be apprentice Nat Wheeler and explore the city of Boston, meeting Patriots and Loyalists alike.

Patriots and Loyalists ideas

Use this as a reference to the major ideas of the Patriot and Loyalist sides.

City Planning for Colonial Philadelphia
Philadelphia Firsts

Tour Old City Hall

Basic history of Philadelphia

What did Colonial Philadelphia have in town?

American Revolution - MP2 project
Simple Revolutionary War Timeline

Basic timeline of the Revolutionary War. This site also branches off to cover other major events.

American Revolution - Kid Info

This website provides many links to important people, places, and events of the American Revolution.

Mr. Nussbaum -- American Revolution

This website provides many helpful links to flags, maps, clip art and other items that could be helpful to your project.

Women in the American Revolution

This website details the contributions of women during the American Revolution.

Battle details

Need more information about the major battles? This website goes into greater detail, giving you a description about each battle.

American Revolution - The History Channel

The History Channel is a great source to start with. It provides many links and videos that are helpful in detailing the major events of the war.

Movie trailer tutorial

This video from YouTube shows how to make a movie trailer on Windows Movie Maker. (This is the program the school laptops have) I realize that you cannot view this tutorial in the building, so you will have to watch it at home and pay close attention! I hope this helps!

After project extension game

Can you crack the code? Using the code developed by George Washington during the Revolutionary War, decode the excerpts of the book he wrote when HE WAS SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, titled "Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation".

After project extension game 2

After you are done with your project, play this game in which you pretend to be a spy delivering a message to Paul Revere!

8th grade
Civil War timeline

Civil War animated maps

Civil War innovations

Western theater timeline

Examine the action on the Western Theater with this timeline.

Civil War innovations pt. deux

Civil War data and battle summaries

Instagram template for AQOTWF

Civics and Government games
Branches of Power

Play this fun game to determine what powers each branch has.

Win the White House

Run for president in this fun game from iCivics!

Do I Have a Right?

Incredibly addictive game from iCivics in which you are running a law firm that specializes in defending people's amendment rights. You hire lawyers based on their ability to defend certain cases. Try the game. Once you start, you won't be able to stop!

270 to Win!

This website examines every presidential election in US History. It breaks down both the electoral college and popular votes and details the candidates and their political affiliations. Fantastic resource! Use this along with the 270 to Win! questions and answer sheet located in the File Manager section.

Which Founder are you?

Take this interesting quiz to find out which Founding Father you are most like!

Louisiana Purchase
Real Estate for Bradford - Penn Laurel Realty

Use this website to find out the cost of land in Bradford, PA.

Real Estate for Buffalo, NY - Gurney Real Estate

Use this website to find the price of vacant lots in the Buffalo area. REMEMBER - select the words "land" or "vacant lot" when searching!

Industrial Revolution

More info about canals

How Canals work

Power Loom

Power loom primary source


Crash Course - Industrial Revolution

This video by John Green (of TFIOS fame) explains the conditions that led to the Industrial Revolution. This is a YouTube video, so it will not work on school computers. You have to watch it at home or on a phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, or whatever internet-capable device you prefer. Beware, John Green is a quick-talker, but there is a lot of good information here.

Industrial Revolution Inventions

This website offers valuable information on several different inventions created
during the 1st Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution Research

This website provides a wealth of information about the Industrial Revolution and its many innovations.

Industrial Revolution Facts

Look at this website of basic facts about the Industrial Revolution. At the bottom of the screen is a list of links that may be helpful as well.

Facts for Now

This "Facts For Now" by Scholastic offers you a chance to Explore More about the Industrial Revolution.

Library Databases

This link takes you to the Library Resources webpage. You need to incorporate electronic sources into your project. "U.S. History in Context" and "Kids InfoBits" are a great place to start!

Cotton Gin drawing

Great diagram of the cotton gin

Horse Car

Use this website to find information about the horse car.

Transcontinental Railroad

Good website that details the Transcontinental Railroad and includes the price per mile for laying the track!

Who Wants to Be a Cotton Millionaire?

This game takes you through the difficult decisions textile factory owners had to make during the first Industrial Revolution. Will you make the right choices and become a cotton millionaire?

Classroom tools
Inflation Calculator

Want to know how much $5 was worth in 1825? Compare the price of items today and find its equivalent worth throughout U.S. history on this interesting website.

Trading Card Creator

Use this website to make a trading card for your historical figure!

Oregon Trail
Ducksters: Oregon Trail information

Kids on the Oregon Trail

Visit this site, courtesy of the Department of the Interior, to learn about what life was like for kids who were traveling along the Oregon Trail.

Westward Trail

This game is similar to the typical Oregon Trail game most of us know. While it may not be as flashy, it provides a simulation for the trail This may not be available on the school computers. You may have to play this at home.

Oregon Trail supplies

Curious about what the wagon parties needed to take with them along their trip? Consult the Oregon Trail Center to find out! Look along the right hand side for additional links! This page is VERY helpful.

Oregon Trail questions and answers

Commonly asked questions about the Oregon Trail and the people who traveled on it.

Major landmarks along the way

Military & Supply Forts on the Oregon Trail

Basic story of the Oregon Trail

PBS History Detectives - J.B. Booth letter
PBS History Detectives - J.B. Booth letter

Fast forward to the 19:30 marker to watch this episode of PBS' History Detectives cover the threatening letter sent to President Andrew Jackson.

George Washington: Mount

This website from Mount is chock full of fascinating details about our first Commander-in-Chief! Not only does it possess a wealth of information, it also lets you take a guided tour of Washington's home, Mount Vernon!

The American Journey

Link to the online edition of the textbook we use in class. The Access/Class code is: A74D465327

Games and Interactives!

Create a word cloud using

ABCya! Word Clouds for Kids

Another word cloud generator. Less style options than wordle, but it allows you to save your word cloud.


This neat website allows you to create notes using various typography styles created by other artists. My welcome picture at the top of the page was created using Noteworthy.

Lewis and Clark game

Underground railroad simulation

War of 1812 - Cast your vote!

Listen to the different perspectives of various people who lived in America during the early 1800s. Which perspective do you agree with? Is there a common theme based on WHERE the people live?

Mission US - Flight to Freedom

Pretend to be Lucy, a 14-year-old slave who lives in Kentucky. Make decisions along the way to decide your fate.

EF Tours - Popular Tours

Scope out the popular tours offered by leading student travel agency, EF Tours. Pay close attention to how they deliver their itinerary and the information they include.


Skyscanner is my personal favorite when it comes to finding flights, especially international ones.


Kayak is another flight search engine, similar to Skyscanner. It is good to compare the results you get on Skyscanner with those found on Kayak.


Priceline is a good place to start when it comes to finding hotel lodging.


AirBnB allows people to offer up rooms, apartments, or entire houses for temporary stays. It is an interesting alternative to typical hotel lodging.


Eurail offers you a place to search train transport throughout Europe. It offers options for one country or multi-country train passes. Be sure to check flights between major European cities as well because air transport throughout the European Union can be ridiculously inexpensive.

Rail Europe

Similar to Eurail, Rail Europe offers train passes throughout European countries.