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We Use Math

Slides, Flips, Turns


Rational and Irrational numbers
Identify rational and irrational

Quick thinking Game

Classify Numbers


Space Invaders Rational Irrational

Equations Battleship

Two Step Equations

Online Text Book
Pearson Successnet

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Solving Systems of Equations
Graphing Systems

Graphing Systems Khan

Donald Duck in Mathmagicland

Complete the vidoe quiz.  You may watch the video again.


1. What is weird about the trees Donald sees in Mathmagic Land?

2. What is the name of the ancient Greek who is considered to be the father of mathematics and music?What did he discover about music?

3. What is a pentagram and why is it magic? Draw one and describe its properties.

4. What is the Golden Rectangle? Where can you find it?

5. Describe where math is found in nature. Give three examples.

6. What did Donald mean when he said: “There’s a lot more to mathematics than two times two”?

7. Where do you see math in games? Give three examples.

8. What do you get when you spin a circle? What are some examples of this?

9. What do you get when you spin a triangle? What are some examples of this?

10. What examples does the spirit give for why the circle has been the basis of many human inventions?

11. What did Galileo Galilee mean when he said: “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe”?

12. List 20 geometry terms and shapes that you saw in the film

Imagine Math
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School Climate Survey

Students: G0JIOP (The first 0 is a zero; second O is an "oh"; I is a capital letter I).

Common Core Practice
Practice by Topic

Khan Academy

Provides videos and quizzes for extra help when needed.  

Topics are listed under 8th grade mathematics.

Function Games
Function Machine

Slope of a graph HOW TO

Slope of a graph

Slope of a table

Slope Games
who wants to be......

Coordinate Grid

Rags to riches



Battleship 2

Wheel Chair ramp
ramp info

ADA Website

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PA Wheel Chair Ramp Code